• 01:00 am

    College student Nam (Michelle Wai) juggles school and a part-time gig as a photographer's assistant for her longtime friend Chun Man (Carlos Chan), who holds an obvious torch for her. With high school reunion coming up, Nam recalls her abbreviated puppy love with classmate To Chi (Ken Hung), her almost boyfriend who left suddenly for Canada. Their bickering relationship ended over a misunderstanding back in high school, but the two reconnect immediately when they meet again. Nam is as happy as could be with To Chi. But one day Chun Man tells her that To Chi is actually comatose in Canada, and that no one else can see To Chi.

    Ken Hung, Michelle Wai, Carlos Chan

    Ivy Kong

  • 03:00 am

    After a tiff at the airport, Yi (Gillian Chung) ditches her toy boy and runs into her ex, Ping (William Chan) with his present girlfriend, Cee (Michelle Wai). Without a place to stay, Yi accepts their offer to crash at their new home. Despite the initial awkwardness, old passions are ignited and the accommodating Cee finds her patience stretched when it becomes clear Ping still has feelings for Yi. Looking back on her journey of self-discovery, Yi takes a candid and honest look at her sentimental education as memories of lovers – past and present – come rushing back and she realizes that instead of moving on with her life, she has been going round in circles. What she is searching for may not be as out of reach as she may have thought.

    Gillian Chung, William Chan, Michelle Wai

    Mak Hei Yan

  • 05:00 am

    When Angela arrives from another planet in search of her brother, fate has her unexpectedly meet handsome veterinarian Tian Yi, who risks himself to save her every time she gets into trouble. Though she is no believer of love, his actions eventually move her…

    Qiu Yuen, Susan Shaw, Kar-Ying Law, Alan Chui

    Ding Yajun

  • 07:00 am

    Missbehavior follows a group of friends, formerly close but now somewhat estranged, as they unite to help one of their own who is in trouble at work. In this hilarious comedy, the friends must find a replacement bottle of breast milk before the end of the day as chaos breaks out!

    Gigi Leung, Isabella Leong, DaDa Chan

    Pang Ho Cheung

  • Must Watch

    Beyond the Dream

    Cast: Lau Chun Him, Cecilia Choi, Paw Hee Ching, Poon Chan Leung

    My Prince Edward

    Cast: Stephy Tang, Chu Pak Hong, Nina Paw

    Napping Kid

    Cast: Ng Siu Hin, David Siu, Cecilia So, Kevin Chu

    Till We Meet Again

    Cast: Steven Ma, Josephine Ku, Jennifer Yu, Himmy Wong

    The Bodyguard

    Cast:  Andy Lau, Sammo Hung, Jacqueline Chan

    Cold War

    Cast:  Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Aarif Rahman,  Eddie Peng, Andy Lau


    Cast:  Andy Lau, Gordon Lam, Philip Keung, Hu Jun

    Monster Hunt

    Cast: Bai Bai He, Jing Bo Ran, Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng

    Temporary Family

    Cast:  Sammi Cheng, Nick Cheung, Angelababy, Hao Ou

    09:00 am

    Chao was the owner of a debt collection company which took over a model agency with eight models. He tried his best to find gigs for the models and train them to be supermodels but failed. When he met Sun, a supermodel manager who was betrayed by one of her supermodels, both of them decided to work together to make the models a success. The process however was much more difficult than they imagined.

    Chapman To, Charlene Choi

    Fung Chih Chiang

  • 11:00 am

    A peaceful home for the elderly is under attack when a gangster and his cronies’ attempts to set up traps to take over the home! But little did they know that the five elderly residing there all have amazingly talented pasts to take them head on.

    Louis Cheung, Ivana Wong, Sammo Hung

    Andrew Lam

  • 01:00 pm

    A vicious killer goes around challenging and killing top refined martial arts masters. When convicted killer and kung fu expert Hahou Mo hears of this, he offers to help the police capture the killer in exchange for his freedom. Can he really help?

    Donnie Yen, Wang Bao Qiang, Charlie Yeung

    Teddy Chan

  • 03:00 pm

    This is a Hong Kong sexy thriller adapted from the hit stories created by the famous internet author, Xxharuki. Xu is a successful author of self-help books such as “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and has soothed many of his readers’ soul and spirit. Together with his wife Jeana and their son, they led a happy life. However, when a voluptuous and seductive tenant rents their apartment upstairs, Xu’s life is turned upside down.

    Justin Cheung, Jeana Ho, Linah Matsuoka

    Chris Sun

  • 05:00 pm

    Ko Yan Kit is a famous General in Song dynasty. However, due to the public pressure, Ko dares not to confess his feeling to his first love Fung Yee, who is forced to work in a brothel. Feeling helpless, he asks a monk for help. Everything goes smoothly, but when Fung Yee is suddenly killed, the monk and his companions must travel to the underworld to save Ko’s first love!

    Benny Chan, Lam Tze Chung

    Lam Tze Chung

  • 07:00 pm

    HK star Chrissie Chau takes you on an exciting food adventure in Hong Kong Stars Restaurants. Join Chrissie as she takes all you foodies on a tour to the best culinary delicacies ranging from local favourites to Michelin Star fine-dining restaurants in Hong Kong.

    Chrissie Chau

  • 07:30 pm

    "Gone with the Wind" takes you to Afghanistan, Burma, North Korea, Fukushima and France to explore the great stories of people who would risk everything - just to make the world a better place. Like Aung San Suu Kyi, who fights for freedom and democracy for the people in Burma; the volunteers in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster; and the journalists who dare to unveil the cruel realities of war. They all fight for different reasons, but their impact on the world is equally significant.

    Christopher Wong

  • 08:00 pm

    The celebrity hosts bring you to experience the special culture and activities in Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong and London. Get prepared to be excited as the experiences will include diving with sharks, dinning in the sky, participating in an after party fashion show and more…

    Stephanie Cheng, Yumiko Cheng, Amanda S., Inez Leung, Cheryl Chow

  • 09:00 pm

    Starring Best Actor Nick Cheung and Hong Kong superstar Sammi Cheng, this comedy revolves around four real-estate investors, whose plan to resell a luxurious penthouse backfires, forcing them to live together.

    Sammi Cheng, Nick Cheung, Angelababy, Hao Ou

    Cheuk Wan Chi

  • 11:00 pm

    Famous Hong Kong TV host Kitty Yuen and Japan-born Hong Kong star Izumi Soko travel around Hong Kong to explore locally produced wines and beers. Visit boutique breweries and meet charming sommeliers as our celebrity duo discover things that are new and interesting!

    Kitty Yuen, Izumi Soko

  • 11:30 pm

    This drama is based on real cases which talk about three main characters. One is a man who is stressed to be having sex with female once in his lifetime; the second one is a woman who has sex disorder and thinks herself does not deserve to be loved; the final one is an divorced man who does not know how to cheer women. Comedy based, openly discuss the topic of sex and love.

    Jason Chan, Chiang Cho Man, Alan Luk and Maggie Wong