• 01:00 am

    Famed doctor Mo Tian Shi (Richard Ng) concocts an immortality medicine to save his terminally ill daughter Xiao Xin, but the cost for immortality is that she must drink human blood. Twenty years later, Mo's apprentice Li Yao Shi (Chin Siu Ho) returns to town and notices something is amiss, only to realise the horror is just about to begin…

    Chin Siu-Ho, Richard Ng, Billy Lau, Zhen Huxiang

    Tommy Leung Ka-Ming

  • 03:00 am

    A young Hong Kong man, Tang Lung arrives at Rome to help a friend of his family, a girl called Chen Ching-hua. She has been threatened by local gangsters who want to takeover her restaurant. Soon after Tang's arrival, the gangsters appear at the restaurant and force Chen to sign over the deed. They laugh at the Chinese style of fighting. Angry Tang challenges and defeats them in an excellent show of his fighting skills. The mastermind of the gang orders Tang's assassination. When this fails, the gang leader hires an international Karate champion form the United States in a last attempt to kill Tang. Tang meets the American in a coliseum and they fight like gladiators to the death.

    Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Nora Miao

    Bruce Lee

  • 05:00 am

    Leung Foon, 52 years old, is now a callous corporate executive sleeping regularly with his much younger secretary. When his 21-year-old daughter – taken away by his ex-wife at age eight – shows up with her mother's ashes, Leung must learn to be a better man.

    Lawrence Cheng, Chrissie Chau, Louis Cheung, BabyJohn

    Lawrence Cheng

  • 07:00 am

    The chief security officer at a top-secret medical facility (Daniel Wu) finds himself caught in an explosive battle when a young thief steals a groundbreaking medicine. But after discovering the true origins of the medicine, the officer must decide who he can trust to protect the cure from falling into the wrong hands and prevent an all-out war in this non-stop action thriller.

    Daniel Wu, Joseph Chang, Amber Kuo, Cheung Siu Fai, Timmy Hung, Wayne Lai

    Ringo Lam

  • 09:00 am

    After his marriage proposal is rejected, a wine company executive flees to Paris, where broken hearts go to heal. There he shares a flat with a psychopathic artist, who is also heartbroken from a break-up. Can the two of them let go of the past, learn to love again and find their soulmates in this beautiful, romantic city?

    Louis Koo, Amber Kuo

    James Yuen

  • 11:00 am

    A group of people living in ‘space capsules’ – large seminar rooms subdivided into small living quarters - struggle to fight for their ideal way of life in the prosperous yet divided city of Hong Kong.

    Pakho Chau, Shiga Lin, Andrew Lam, Louis Cheung, Joyce Cheng, BabyJohn, Bob Lam, Ava Liu

    Stephen Ng, Nero Ng

  • 01:00 pm

    Sei and Ling, former masseuses in Macau, had the best time together before Sei got married and moved to Taiwan. Decades later after Ling passes away, Sei revisits her old life and learns that her late best friend had kept secrets she never knew...

    Gigi Leung, Fish Liew, Jennifer Yu

    Tracy Choi

  • Must Watch

    Bodies at Rest

    Cast:  Nick Cheung, Richie Jen, Yang Zi

    The Stool Pigeon

    Cast:  Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung, Zhang Jing Chu

    Triple Tap

    Cast:  Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Chapman To

    When C Goes with G7

    Cast: Carlos Chan, Oil Chan, Roy Chow


    Cast: Sammi Cheng, Megan Lai, Andy Lau

    Foolish Plan

    Jordan Chan, Lee Beom Soo, Jiro Wang

    The Wedding Diary

    Ah-Niu, Elanne Kwong, Kara Wai

    Funny Soccer

    Benny Chan, Louis Cheung, Steven Hao

    03:00 pm

    Directed by Johnnie To, this action-thriller tells the story of a cornered criminal who shoots himself to force police to take him to the hospital, where he can wait for his cohorts to break him out.

    Louis Koo, Wallace Chung, Zhao Wei

    Johnnie To

  • 05:00 pm

    When three tech founders end up handing over their latest inventions to a sleazy tycoon that takes them for granted, they decide to kidnap the man’s wife, mistress, love child and her grandma for a huge random. But little did they know that the heartless tycoon, instead of paying the ransom, has instead hired an assassin to take them out…

    Christine Eng, Justin Cheung, Eric Kwok, Jennifer Yu

    Paul Sze Pak-lam

  • 07:00 pm

    Let Hong Kong artist, Chapman To brings you to Malaysia in his latest travelogue. Follow him as he explores unusual and extraordinary things around Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang, including a condom factory, mansions and a restaurant that serve fish for thousands of dollars. Catch Chapman To on his adventures with Malaysia famous KOLs including Moon Chen, Miko Wong and Cathryn Lee!

    Chapman To

  • 07:30 pm

    A reality program featuring HK Artists to travel around the world to take on challenge that seems impossible.

    Ursule Wong. Derek Tsang, Wong He, Yan Ng, Lawrence Chou, Ai Wai, Rain Lau

  • 08:00 pm

    Dogs are the humans’ best friend, but some of them have behavioral problems that causes a lot of headaches to their owners. But don’t you worry, professional canine coach Eric Ko is here to help! In season 2, Eric even extends his helping hands to the doggies in Singapore!

    Eric Ko

  • 08:30 pm

    "Gone with the Wind" takes you to Afghanistan, Burma, North Korea, Fukushima and France to explore the great stories of people who would risk everything - just to make the world a better place. Like Aung San Suu Kyi, who fights for freedom and democracy for the people in Burma; the volunteers in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster; and the journalists who dare to unveil the cruel realities of war. They all fight for different reasons, but their impact on the world is equally significant.

    Christopher Wong

  • 09:00 pm

    After her father’s death, a Hong Kong girl discovers she has two hitherto unknown sisters, one in Taiwan and one in China. To settle her father’s debt, she must reunite with them to run the family’s hot pot restaurant. While the androgynous Taiwan sister is plagued by her toxic relationship with her mother, the fashionista sister from China is pressured by her grandmother to get married. Meanwhile, she is striving to unshackle herself from her ex-boyfriend in order to start a new relationship.

  • 11:05 pm

    Spencer Leung, host of Hong Kong’s highly-rated paranormal show, Unbelievable, explores supernatural and paranormal topics including ghost stories in entertainment industry, spiritual communications, hauntings and more. He tries to uncover the truth behind these incidents with feng shui masters and guests in this supernatural-themed series.

    Spencer Leung

  • 11:35 pm

    This drama is based on real cases which talk about three main characters. One is a man who is stressed to be having sex with female once in his lifetime; the second one is a woman who has sex disorder and thinks herself does not deserve to be loved; the final one is an divorced man who does not know how to cheer women. Comedy based, openly discuss the topic of sex and love.

    Jason Chan, Chiang Cho Man, Alan Luk and Maggie Wong