• 01:00 am

    Jiao Xu, Eddie Cheung

    Danny Pang

  • Must Watch

    Love is…Pyjamas

    Cast: Ronald Cheng, Teresa Mo, Raymond Lam, Karena Ng 

    Enter the Fat Dragon

    Cast: Donnie Yen, Louis Cheung, Niki Chow

    Flirting in the Air

    Cast:  Chapman To, Dada Chan

    Treasure Hunt

    Cast:  Cecilia Cheung, Ronald Cheng, Ekin Cheng

    All's Well End's Well

    Cast: Raymond Wong, Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Chapman To, Carina Lau

    All's Well End's Well 2012

    Cast: Donnie Yen, Sandra Ng, Louis Koo, Kelly Chen, Raymond Wong

    Hotel Deluxe

    Cast:  Sandra Ng, Chapman To, Ronald Cheng, Teresa Mo, Raymond Wong

    Hello Babies

    Cast:  Raymond Wong, Eric Tsang, Sandra Ng, Fiona Sit, Ronald Cheng

    03:00 am

    Dave Chen (Guo Xiao-dong) plans a romantic rendezvous with girlfriend Jing Gao (Angelica Lee) to see underwater ancient ruins but tragedy ensues and she has no memory of the event.

    Angelica Lee, Isabella Leong, Guo Xiao Dong, Chang Chen, Tony Leong Ka Fai, Chang Chen Yue

    Tsui Hark

  • 05:05 am

    Anita Mui, Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung

    Tsui Hark

  • 07:10 am

    The Hong Kong Police hunts for a counterfeiting gang led by a mastermind known as Painter (Chow Yun Fat). The gang is so skillful that it's almost impossible to distinguish between its counterfeit currency and real money. In an effort to find Painter's real identity, the Police recruits artist Lee Man (Aaron Kwok) to assist in solving the case. Winner of 7 awards at the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Bes

    Chow Yun Fat, Aaron Kwok, Zhang Jing Chu

    Felix Chong

  • 09:25 am

    Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Chow Yun Fat, Aarif Rahman, Eddie Peng

    Longman Leung, Sunny Luk

  • 11:20 am

    Chow Yun Fat, Sylvia Chang, Eason Chan, Tang Wei

    Johnnie To

  • 01:20 pm

    Eddie Peng, Sammo Hung, Wang Luo Dan, Jing Bo Ran

    Roy Chow

  • 03:30 pm

    Ng Siu Hin, David Siu, Cecilia So, Kevin Chu

    Raymond Wong

  • 05:15 pm

    Steven Ma, Josephine Ku, Jennifer Yu, Himmy Wong

    Steven Ma

  • 07:00 pm
  • 07:30 pm

    Kitty Yuen, Izumi Soko

  • 08:00 pm

    Chapman To, Aiyana Lo, Omi Kwong

  • 09:00 pm

    Cecilia Cheung, Ronald Cheng, Ekin Cheng

    Wong Jing

  • 11:00 pm

    Spencer Leung

  • 11:30 pm

    Frankie Lam, David Chiang, Ai Wai, Kate Yeung